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1st place at Young Glass 2017

3rd place at Stanislav Libensky Award 2014

Dean´s prize for the diploma work - FAD JEPU 2014

The glass objects are filled with a changeable material - Sodium acetate. The material is the main part of the project, it has a specific nature of crystalization and thawing. By heating up water in simax tubes the process of thawing starts and a graphic change of the images begins.

As the sodium thaws, the typical nature of glass, transparency, becomes clear and the core is revealed - heating elements, tubes which are bent into various shapes and thus create the composition of the whole picture. While cooling the crystalization begins, the sodium loses its transparency and what had been revealed disappears. The heating tubes are programmed and the viewer expects what comes next. It is an unending process of thawing and

crystalization, the changes in the picture are partially random, partially directed. The viewer happens to be in laboratory technical surroundings with cables, steam coming out of tubes, a sound of bubbling water, visual experience and expectations.



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