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 According to the jury of Stanislav Libensky Award 2012: "The author works, as the title of her work indicates, with the deformation of material in hot shape in innovative manner. This process is perfectly conserved in the presented object, which shows the limit state of action and reaction."


In my project I decided to address the topic of destruction, penetration of various objects through glass plates and their subsequent deformation. Sometimes the works arise spontaneously and in a completly unexpected way, as If based on an impuls not caused by intellect, and also these objects were created in this way. Works are then almost inexplicable in terms of mechanics. Therefore, I focused on the very first moment of the deformation process, which may at least partially  fix this otherwise elusive and incomprehensible moment of collapse of the shape, and the resulting new object. Slow motion videos have significantly influenced my project, when watching them, we can see in slow motion what is happening to an object, through which a bullet passes, or is exposed to other force. I decided to capture the penetration of an object in the moment when the shape is deformed, glass begins to shatter, but plates are still keeping it.

2nd place at Stanislav Libensky Award 2012

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